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Fees and Insurance

Copays may be as low as



with insurance*

* When using insurance your actual out-of-pocket costs depend on the coverage and benefits of your specific plan. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out what you will be expected to pay for an outpatient office visit with a mental health provider and to confirm that the provider you will see is contracted with your insurance plan network.

We're In-Network

We're in-network with the following insurance providers. If you're insurance provider is not listed here we'll be glad to file your claim as an out-of-network provider. Before booking online, please verify that we are currently accepting new patients with your insurance by clicking here.

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Preferred Payment Plan (PPP)

  • Health Advantage

  • True Blue

  • Medipak Advantage FFS

  • Medipak Advantage PPO

  • Medipak Advantage HMO​​


Lyra Health


Current Fees

First Session: $175 (self-pay $149)


Continuing Sessions:

53-60 min - $175 (self-pay $149)

38-52 min - $132 (self-pay $113)

16-37 min - $88 (self-pay $75)


Meet and Greet

15 minutes.

Meet the therapist.

Explore options.

Check the fit.

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